Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don’t stick to rules, you are not German

The UPS delivery missed me yesterday, as they always do for people who have to work and don’t have a housewife. So they left me a note saying the redelivery was going to be 2-5 today. So much they could do to narrow down an interval.

I needed the washer and this time it would be quite challenging for me to go pick it up. So I'd better get it at delivery. "While I have a lot to do in the new apartment anyway"—I comforted myself. I waited from 2 till 3:50. Nobody showed up and I had to come back to my office. I drove out. As soon as I turned at the first stop sign 50 yards away, I saw the UPS truck. That ubiquitous ugly truck whenever you are not waiting for one. I parked by the roadside and walked over in the rain (did I forget to mention it was raining?), and asked the UPS guy if I could get my package now, since I had to leave—that is, if he could make a few turns and stop at my home first, and then continue on his normal business. He said no! He has to do his business! What’s that going to hurt? You give your customers 3 hr interval and you can’t bear a little change of order? My house is half a block away that if you turn your radio any louder I could hear you.

Then he told me he’s not going to be there before 6 so I could go back to work and get my package later. OK that could work. But wait! Didn’t I get a notice saying 2-5? “that was another guy yesterday and he didn’t know.” I will stop complaining cuz you’ve heard enough. In addition, who doesn’t have a story “why I hate UPS”.

No more bad words about UPS. I will follow Li Ao’s style. I will just praise the Germans. See, Germans stick to rules for a reason. They have precision. They give intervals with width less than 5 min. They would have left me note saying they’d redeliver at 6:03. And if they tell me they can not make an exception to make my stop first, I will understand.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

To the defense of this lazy pirate:

I do not have Chinese input on my office computer (a situation I do NOT intend to change) and nobody wants to read English. Some bug actually happened before and one of my blogs was posted twice, with a paragraph in English inserted from who knows where. The funny thing is that Fay read the post, (naturally) omitted the part in English, and thought it was the same. I read it with a shock and deleted the extra post immediately, because there’s cursing in the insertion and without context I did not know what it’s cursing about. That being said, you would have sensed that I am not against cursing in general, if I know what it’s about.

These being said, with the parenthesis and the extra explanations and ect., if you are still reading, you are not Fay. Whether you are insane or just extremely bored, I will leave the judgment to yourself.

So here’s What happened, What’s said and What else (while I was being lazy)

So we had a farewell dinner for a colleague last night. The chair left out my email and I wasn’t invited. I pretended to be hurt and he apologized. Fay laughed at the truth, that we were both pretending.

Certain things look nice on paper. The following words make up a good-looking set: Italian restaurant, a group of international diners, pinot blanc, golden raisin bread pudding. The truth was that I was over-stuffed and 15% drunk.

I went back to office in Jeff’s fancy, new red mustang, which he ordered from a Florida dealer and went all the way to pick up, and which he’s not driving in the winter, and for which he is getting a cover, and for which he’s probably going to rent a garage. After he parked by the office, I forgot to take my left-over pudding box, like I always did.
Jeff kindly picked it up: “I wouldn’t want you to be hungry.”
“Yeah? You would not want your car to stink”.—the truth was. And I didn’t mind pointing out the truth.

It was raining when I walked back home at midnight. With my “girly girly” pink lace umbrella. The usually busy Thayer street was quite (as opposed to be packed by motorcycles), with rain drops blinking from the dark road, yellow road lamp light scattering, and that saxophone player filling up the air with jazz tone. He stood in front of Avon theatre. Grizzly man was showing. It was very much like a shot in Wang Kaiwai’s movie. Incidentally I reviewed a TV interview of Wang and Tony Liang recently. And I realized my collection of Wang is with 1g, which probably is very hard to dig out after all the packing and moving.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Saturday, September 17, 2005


9.17 那片叶子的邻居也红了,现在是一枝红叶。





Microsoft, Google both claim victory 微软和古狗都说赢了;法官是不会输的;两边的律师自然也都赚了……那么,只能是我们亏了!老百姓真是冤大头啊。不管是国内经济学家吃狗屎增加GDP还是外国IT巨头双赢,倒霉的肯定都是我们。

One nation (not always) under god (since 1954) Pledge of Allegiance 又打上法庭了

中国天津母亲文化周开幕在百名儿童呼唤“妈妈”声中,场上奏响“大海呀,故乡...... ” 把大群小孩子凑到一起喊妈妈,天底下最做作的事莫过于此吧。台湾的“连爷爷”,您不用郁闷了。

李安的brokenback mountain在威尼斯电影节得了大奖。中文译名一度是断臂山,倒译回去以为是brokenarm。有趣的是,在我们的方言里,很多人是把臂念作背的。

Friday, September 09, 2005

I came. I smiled. I cooked.

Autumn is 86ed in the PBS reality TV show "cooking under fire". In chefs' language, 86ed means you are out.

看做菜的比赛,肯定是不如看超女爽。看得见,又闻不到吃不着,自然也就没有那么强的参与感。做节目的,当然也没有让观众投票。如果哪一天reality show 能真实到,台上做的菜观众都吃得到,肯定烹调节目比唱歌跳舞要吃香。吃香嘛。


Sarah, Katie和Autumn 三个女子站在评委面前,对我来说,展示的不是菜(反正我吃不着(加括号的习惯被狒传染,可是加嵌套括号,狒你服了吧)),是个性。她们好像是卑,亢,不卑不亢一字排开。我喜欢Autumn. 在评委一再的紧逼下,傻子都知道他们想要的答案。可爱的Autumn没有示弱。我就是不愿意说我比别人好。我就是跟别人不一样,如此而已。不会因为你想听什么我就说什么。

Katie立刻接口:我可没有任何问题宣称我是这三个人里最好的。看起来个性张扬强硬(没想起来aggressive怎么讲),其实是典型的谄媚。当然,老板喜欢这样的人。够厉害――可以不留情地管下一级的人,又会顺从自己的心意。往高处拔,自古来的统治者最喜欢的都是Katie 这种性格。

在美国文化熏陶下,要说出我不是最好,所需要的勇气,几乎等同于在传统中国,公开标榜我是最好。两种文化都给人压力。见过很多的美国孩子,包括电视里的reality show和生活中的,无论在多心虚的时候也要打肿脸充胖子说:我有信心!我会赢!――对他们而言,没有信心等于放弃。他们或许没有听说过知其不可而为之。Autumn 这样一个微笑的温和的女孩,在压力和诱惑面前能够坦然而且固执地说,我未必更好,但我不一样――真是让她显得相当不一样。

I came. I smiled. I cooked. 当然,不如 veni, vidi, vici. 不过,也不错。

Monday, September 05, 2005


Dreamy慢慢接受了住在楼下的现实,不再吵闹。但还是一有机会就跑到二楼的门口去蹲着, 喵喵:这是我们家!


Katrina。 美国政府的应对不去提它了,自然有人去骂。民间还不错。学校里已经着手接收NO各大学的学生。 国内是泰利,结果因为katrina 太厉害,都没注意上.


人与禽兽之异几何:chimp 和人的genome有96% identical. 有趣的是,因为以前很多科学家预测有99%,导致headlines两种截然不同的口气:1。高度相同!2。不像他们想象的那么高!